Create a Summer of Sport campaign that can flex across the wide Sports coverage that Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, and has to offer for Summer 2021.
More Sport than you can handle 
Sport is a challenge. A big challenge for any sports fan, it’s why we love it so much. It challenges our emotions and our behaviour. We always enter with a hunger, yet it’s never satisfied when it ends. We want more, as much as we can get. More Sport than you can handle is a dynamic campaign that flexes out the breath of Sports coverage the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent and has to offer over Summer 2021. The world 'Sport' can be easily replaced with a variety of emotive phrases, sports stars, behavioural and fun communication that keeps the campaign fresh and relevant. The campaign was rolled out across various press, digital and social formats. 
→ Sports - More GAA, Olympics, Lions - than you can handle
→ Emotive - More excitement, rivalry, joy - than you can handle
→ Stars - More Cooper, Lowry, Kellie - than you can handle
→ Scoring - More Goals, Tries, Birdies - than you can handle
→ Behavioural - More covering your eyes - than you can handle 
→ Fun - More hawkeye, VAR, wildlife - than you can handle

Project at OLIVER Ireland
Creative Director: Anthony Slevin
Art Director & Designer: Aoife Davis

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