ESB Science Blast empowers children from 3rd to 6th class to investigate the science behind a simple question that interests them. We want to inspire the next generation of STEM minds by driving sign-ups to ESB Science blast across digital and social channels.

For kids, playing, questioning and imagining represent a world of possibilities and invention. Engineers, technologists, mathematicians and scientists, never stop playing, never stop imagining. The power of questioning and curiosity is the driving force behind the work that they do and the essence of what Science Blast is all about.

Blast from the past

Using four real ESB STEM role models to share stories about their childhoods and give us an insight into what experiences ignited their curiosity and imagination to pursue their chosen careers and inspire the next generation of potential STEM minds.
Art Directors: Aoife Davis & Ciaran Dolan
Motion Designer: Jordana Gomez
Digital Designer: Alan Byrne
Ilustrator: Holly Periera
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