Capture the imagination of students and position the rail as the most superior way to travel.

Make Travel Home Extra Fabulous

Irish Rail will endorse three of Ireland’s most influential Drag Queens to be the faces of the campaign. Their energy, dazzle and extraordinarily fabulous personalities will enable students to rise from the squalor of their student lives. The Queens, a metaphor for Irish Rail, will save students, take them in their arms, on their backs, raise them up make their lives extra fabulous by travelling by Irish Rail. The campaign will be executed through OOH, a music video and student awards programme and event.
The OOH campaign will be a series of three executions, featuring our three Irish Rail Queens and three students. Our Queens will be styled in custom made Irish Rail outfits taking inspiration from old CIE Uniforms from the 1950s but with an 'Extra Fabulous' drag twist.
The music video will be shot in three different locations around the country, starring our Irish Rail Queens shot at centre stage performing a choreographed dance sequence with Irish Rail staff and students across the country. Students will rise from the squalor of their student lives and become 'Extra Fabulous' with the help of the Irish Rail Queens.  Inspiration for the video was taken from Ciara's Level Up music video and the Garda Jerusalema viral video. 
The 'Freedom of the Rail ' student awards programme will award-winning students free access to Irish Rail for their entire time in university. Students are invited to submit a project based on the below categories synonymous with Drag: 
→ Music 
→ Dance
→ Theatre
→ Beauty Therapy
→ Costume Design 
Shortlisted entries will be invited to take part in the official ‘Freedom of the Rail’ drag race, hosted by our favourite Queens and international guests, where they will compete for the grand prize.

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