Prolonged sitting is ingrained into our routines and it’s killing us. People need to be shown ways to not only to sit less but to move more throughout their working day. An ‘Active Couch Potato’ was coined for people who make time for exercise while leading otherwise sedentary lifestyles. This can still be damaging to our health as our bodies are naturally designed to keep moving.

Unique Insight:
We miss our desk buddies, our coffee break chats, our bathroom gossip. 

Spudagotchi - Your Moving Desk Buddy

Irish Heart Foundation has teamed up with Microsoft and Salesforce to bring you Spudagotchi, you're moving desk buddy. Just like its 1997 predecessor but with added GPS tracking, Spud will only stop bleeping and blooping when it moves from one location to another, forcing the user to get up from their desk regularly. If the user doesn't look after Spud, they will be physically unable to work by being automatically locked out of emails, messaging services & project management tools. Spudagotchi is on a mission to inspire you to move throughout your day, reducing your sedentary time and risk of developing CV disease. 

The campaign will be executed across an OOH campaign where the audience will be invited to 'donate' to receive their own Spudagotchi. The digital activation will invite the user to take part in a quiz to figure out their sedentary time throughout the day. The final execution will be a VOD showing Spud inspiring Sean to get moving. Spudagotchi will also be a physical product that people will receive once they donate to the Irish Heart Foundation. 
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