Ireland’s rate of hate crime has been steadily increasing for the last 10 years. No legislation currently exists to persecute those who commit these crimes. We need to help The Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) create a sense of urgency for legislation amongst the Irish Public.
Unique Insight:
The Irish public needs to be reminded that hate crime and incitement to hatred are on the increase and that current legislation does not protect people. We need to disrupt the Irish public’s day-to-day lives in order to get the government's attention.
Against the Gráin - Turn Hate into Love
Create a sense of urgency for legislation against Hate Crime in Ireland by acknowledging Hate Crimes and Incitement to Hatred instances over the past 5 years in Ireland since the last bill on the subject was amended. By using data collected from INAR’s iReport, News intelligence platforms such as Google Finds, and social media reports from Facebook, Twitter & Instagram around hate speech in Ireland, Hate Crime, and Incitement to Hatred will be put on the Irish map. We will force the Irish Public and Govt to take notice, by creating our own Against the Gráin Google My Map.
The campaign will be executed over the following platforms:
Custom Google My Map Tool 
→ OOH - Against the Gráin
→ Social - Campaign endorsed by Irish Public figures who have been subject to Hate Crime and Hate Speech
→ Digital - Outdoor screens updating with real-time data from the Google MyMap Tool
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