To raise awareness of the importance of choosing loose, we’re encouraging consumers to bring “reusable” containers when shopping for fruit and veg. To this end we want the Young Lions to develop a suite of communication assets including a logo, a piece of POS, and a product that can be used to carry fruit and veg. The purpose of the logo and the POS is to communicate the benefits of Choosing Loose. The purpose of the product is to create something that can be sold by VOICE that both raises awareness and is utilitarian in its design. This initiative requires a change in consumer behaviour – akin to how behaviour changed in 2002 when the plastic bag levy was introduced.
Choose Loose foldable reusable shopping bag that attaches to your keys or fits in your pocket when not being used.
Our brand is encouraging a way of life in harmony with nature by inviting consumers to make a lifestyle change. Choose Loose empowers individuals and communities to take positive action to conserve our natural resources by choosing to say no to unnecessary plastic and instead, carrying our product with them at all times. We want our brand to become part of your daily routine. 
Futura PT Extra Bold brings confidence, assertiveness, and empowerment to our logo mark. Housing the O’s inside a bag and evolving the letter-forms into fruit & vegetables, we’ve encompassed the brand’s objectives into the identity which is to eliminate plastic packaging & encourage the use of reusable/recyclable materials to protect the environment.
For our OOH Brand Awareness campaign, we wanted to show how plastic pollution is affecting the natural environment and harming plants and animals in the process. We focused on four species of animals & plants that are in danger of being extinct. By choosing Loose, you are one step closer to saving the following endangered species: Hawksbill Sea Turtles, Primorye Amur Leopards, Tennessee Purple Cornflowers, and Western Prairie Fringed Orchids
Brand Evolution:
As an incentive for customers to Choose Loose, we designed an in store loyalty system. Your choose loose bag becomes your loyalty card and is scanned at the checkout before your purchase. This eliminates any unnecessary paper or plastic that come with traditional loyalty cards. Rewards are built up that go towards your next shop.

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