People’s perceptions of Bord Na Móna are of a traditional peat company - bog, briquettes & being bad for the environment. They have transformed from brown to green so we need to reposition them in people’s hearts and minds as Ireland’s climate action leader.

Unique Insight:
The Irish public is outraged at BNM's decision to abandon peat harvesting. Brand transparency and accountability go a long way. Embrace the past because it is the past that has made BNM who they are.

We’re coming clean - A public apology.

Bord na Móna addresses the Irish public's outrage over their decision to move from brown to green by publicly apologising for taking away one of our national treasures, the peat briquette. In doing so, they also take ownership of their past. By offering an honest and transparent reason for their decision to abandon peat harvesting, shining a light on the negative effects on the environment, they come clean, admit to their wrongdoings and use this as a basis for their change. Bord na Móna take ownership of their past because it is their past that has made them who they are. There is an honesty to their realisation that they hope will transform their brand in the hearts and minds of the country. 
Bord na Móna will run a PR stunt, replying to the negative sentiment on Twitter regarding their decision to abandon peat harvesting referencing tweets by James Kavanagh and interviews by Micheal Healy Rae. Their press ad will take the form of an open letter to the people of Ireland, apologising by coming clean. They will also feature on the front page of the Irish Times magazine with an interview from a Bord na Móna employee about their decision to move from brown to green. 
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