Launch AIB’s MyMortage application tool (mobile-first web app) and help
customers understand the benefit of it. The MyMortgage tool shows customers the
light, breaking it down into simple steps, so they can see where you’re going and
keep believing.
(what belief, need, or want have we discovered, that will unlock our audience?)
In such a long and daunting process, it’s hard to keep believing, when most of the
time it’s out of my control.

See it your way

The campaign focuses on three different types of homes around the country. Each home is visualised as a cross-section, allowing the viewer total transparency by being able to see inside. Different scenarios will involve each customer group playing out their dreams in their potential new homes. "See it your way" alludes to the idea of the customer controlling their own mortgage journey while the cross-section of the house makes reference to the transparency of the Mortgage process that the MyMortgage tool provides. 
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